J. C. Leissring Fine Art

A Collection of 7000 works of sculpture, paintings and graphics begun in 1950.
473 Artists: 1602 to yesterday
Since 1970, I responded to the work of artists important to me by collecting in depth. Thus, I now have the largest collection of work on paper of Jacques Villon (1875-1963). Similarly, there are deep collections of John Sloan (1871-1951), Michael Brenner (1885-1969), John Cother Webb (1855-1927), Dean Meeker (1920-2001), Warrington Colescott (1930-2018), Roger Barr (1921-2002), Jim Spitzer (1937-2018), Ellen Koment (b.1943), Michael Costantini (b.1950), Michael Ayrton (1921-1975), John Winkler (1884-1979). Beyond this, within a large list of artists (473), there are several smaller, but comprehensive, collections of significance. This site serves as a gateway to works of art, to artists, and to relevant publications of J. C. Leissring Fine Arts Press (a current total of 28 books).

Books and Publications

John Cother Webb, Master of Mezzotint, 2017Rural Monuments, Poetry of E. J. Howe, 2006Fifth Petal, Poetry of E. J. Howe, 2008Winter Landscapes, Seasonal Landscapes by Jerrold Ballaine, Exhibition Catalog