The McDonald Mansion

Former home of  J.C. Leissring Fine Arts 

An etching of "Marbleton", as it was orignally named - 1885

'Colonel' Mark McDonald

'Marbleton' was built by T.J. Ludwig for 'Colonel' Mark McDonald, as a Summer Home. It was to be a replica of a Mansion overlooking the Mississippi River. McDonald arrived in Santa Rosa, California, in 1869 and began developing the area. The main house was completed in 1885.

         A promo from Walt Disney's 'Pollyana'. 'Marbleton' was now Aunt Polly's House, in 1960.

'The McDonald Mansion' as it appeared in 1977, before restoration by J.C. Leissring began.

The first phase of restoration did not go well.  March 28, 1977